From One to One-Hundred Thousand, We Keep Crowds Connected

The game-time experience has changed rapidly for fans in recent years. Not only do attendees of a game or concert expect the live performance, they are also interested in real-time online sharing, such as uploading their event photos to their Facebook pages or checking on game stats and replays as they happen.

To cater to this need for a virtual as well as actual event experience, Metro|NS offers a reliable outdoor DAS configuration. Similar to how in-building DAS transmits signals, outdoor DAS, in places like stadiums and arenas, uses the strategic placement of connection points on existing infrastructure, including street lights and utility poles. These points, or nodes, then connect back to the main hub where the service is distributed. With this reliable design, Metro|NS’ outdoor DAS serves densely populated areas in an efficient manner.

Increased capacity continues to drive the need for both In-Building and Outdoor DAS solutions. Implementing a neutral-host can make meeting these capacity needs more feasible, through allowing for more than one provider into an area. Building and property owners have more potential to grow their business, and bring in more revenue opportunities with a neutral-host based model.

And what keeps Metro|NS as a stand-out in the crowd?  With its deeply rooted network throughout the New York metro area, Metro|NS avoids zoning challenges other providers face when trying to install these solutions, ensuring rapid deployment every time.  Additionally, Metro|NS’ decades of network know-how allows the company to design and build outdoor DAS solutions today for tomorrow’s technology needs.

You Take Your Venue Personally, Shouldn’t Your Solutions Provider?

As a building or property owner, you understand the value of each location you own and so should your network provider. Metro|NS is not just a network provider but a full solutions provider, taking the time to understand the requirements that make each of your buildings unique.

There is not a one-size-fits-all network solution and we pride ourselves in recognizing that fact. A DAS solution with Metro|NS is all about options. DAS is all about flexibility, so why should your tenants be locked into one service provider? With the ability to bring in multiple services providers, DAS keeps network connectivity pricing competitive and fair. DAS brings multiple large network providers through one hub offering another layer of customized choices to your property.

Venue owners have enough elements of a property to worry about without having to purchase a femtocell off the shelf at a electronics store. And at Metro|NS, we stress there is no out of the box solution to a venue’s network needs. We take the necessary time to plan, design and implement a DAS solution for your property today, with tomorrow’s needs in mind. Metro|NS is on your side, because your success is our priority.

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