Quotes to Note.

“The advanced network design from Metro Network Services provided a solid foundation to evolve our network in the services of our teaching, scholarship, and practice mission. By owning our dark fiber network, New York Law School controls its own infrastructure fabric providing an unlimited number of network and system transmission options to serve the needs of our community, both now and into the future.”

– John Southard, Chief Technology Officer of New York Law School

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1.  New York Law School (NYLS), one of the oldest and most prestigious independent law schools in the United States, looked to Metro|NS to help evolve their traditional network infrastructure. Read how Metro|NS worked collaboratively with NYLS to develop creative solutions aimed at enhancing education through technology.  For the complete  case study, which includes how NYLS further strengthened its leadership role in the education community by embracing technological advancements through additional connectivity and capacity, click here.

2.   Wall Street needed quicker connections; Metro|NS delivered by learning the key factors limiting trade execution and developing underlying infrastructure to support a fast changing and technologically advancing industry. For an inside look at how Metro|NS helped to solve one High Frequency Trading (HFT) firm’s network latency problems, click here.

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