Building a wireless or fiber network is one thing, but building those networks in a highly dense market controlled by government agencies is another altogether. In the strategic New York and New Jersey markets, deployments can be waylaid by a host of complexities and challenges.

At conexcity, we know that prepping for the digital future can’t wait. That’s why we offer trusted regional expertise and thorough location-based familiarity, helping our clients avoid bottlenecks, overcome roadblocks and leverage the coverage and capacity they need, at the budgets they want and on the timeline they require.

conexcity, an advanced telecommunications company and full-scale network integrator, offers unsurpassed insight, experience and expertise to deliver end-to-end network solutions throughout the New York and New Jersey metro areas and parts of Pennsylvania. We leverage our long-standing industry relationships, market knowledge and proven efficiency to provide comprehensive, turnkey project management services, making our clients’ visions a reality.

  • conexcity achieves deployments faster, more thoroughly and with the utmost ease for clients
  • Our team averages 20+ years of industry expertise, 30+ for our tenured DAS and wireless team
  • We have spent years cultivating strategic relationships with government entities, utility companies, municipalities and providers
  • We understand where the bottlenecks occur, and we adjust to deliver on time
  • We offer specialized insight into physical landscapes and location-specific complexities, leveraging these insights to help you optimize your decisions
  • We work closely with telecommunications service providers, wireless providers, financial companies and enterprises to optimally construct new networks or expand existing footprints


Planning / Design / Site Acquisition and Commissioning

A key strength of conexcity: we are unsurpassed in this market in our ability to save customers’ budgets and timelines by leveraging deep insight even before construction begins. We employ thorough industry experience and strong relationships cultivated over many years, along with a keen awareness of the physical landscape, to navigate roadblocks and deliver comprehensive pre-construction services in a highly regulated environment. This includes site selection, pole selection, permitting and paperwork with proper authorities. We know where the challenges may occur, and we work to achieve optimal efficiency,  ensuring the timely and cost-effective execution of all construction projects.


Our first step is a thorough assessment of network utilization, which allows us to identify where improvements may be necessary. We complete a diagnostic review of all aspects of a client’s network requirements and more, including: contract review, provider technology review, “hot technology” guidance & recommendation, evaluation of network functions, suggested optimization and high-level budgetary guidance.

Design and Engineering

Based on what is identified in the assessment, conexcity designs and recommends a tailored course of action that will achieve the desired network goals. Depending on the client deployment, this may include some or all of the following: search ring candidate recommendation, network technology and vendor recommendation, right-of-way permitting, fiber route or wireless network planning and data center and colocation selection.

Finally, the wireless network or fiber and optical transport network is engineered. This stage includes surveying, evaluating and choosing poles, identifying construction costs and working with local authorities on pole reservations. This also includes submitting paperwork to authorities.


conexcity prides itself on being the top wireless networking team in the region. Our long-standing relationships with contractors and municipal agencies ensure client network deployments are completed on time and to the desired specifications.

5G Wireless Roadmap

The conexcity team of engineers is comprised of proven experts at planning, designing and project-managing the construction of wireless networks to support wireless site backhaul. As the team of choice for major carriers throughout the New York metro area, we have the relationships and expertise to complete projects, from initial planning and permit approvals to testing and turn-up, with the highest level of quality and care.

In-Building Distribution

In the always-on world, in-building connectivity is a foundational requirement for a host of business tasks and use cases, including virtual business meetings, applications, calendars, file sharing and beyond. With thorough experience providing in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions, conexcity ensures networks are always on.



Our team of 20+ year industry veterans leverages its advanced technical knowledge and proven success to provide world-class network solutions in one of the most advantageous markets on the planet. Our project-focused methodology allows us to jump in and take the reigns at whatever phase your company requires — from network planning, design, construction and testing to network operations and life-cycle management.



Our mission is to continue promoting our clients’ growth with cutting-edge technologies and best-of-breed resources, helping them make informed, strategic decisions in the planning, building and management of their telecommunications networks. Offering the best available design, engineering, construction and maintenance support to owners of both metro and national telecommunications infrastructure, conexcity continues to leverage unsurpassed industry expertise and strategic knowledge of the New York / New Jersey market intricacies, delivering the highest value to our customers.



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